Corporate Emissions Measurement and Regulatory Reporting: Using Satellites and Intelligent Accounting Software to Quantify and Report GHG Emissions

February 21st, 2024
12:00pm est

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Join Green Project Technologies and Floodlight for an informative webinar on corporate emissions measurement and regulatory reporting. The session will cover satellite-based approaches for quantifying corporate emissions at the business location/company levels and how these methods enable corporates to efficiently and precisely quantify emissions, while adhering to relevant standards. Equally important, the sessions will also cover how companies can harness intelligent carbon accounting software to seamlessly report on emissions for their regulatory obligations.

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About the Hosts

Floodlight uses satellites and AI-driven data science to remotely measure greenhouse gas emissions for corporates, financial institutions, and public sector stakeholders. All of our measurements are done fully remotely at the asset, company, and geographic levels. This eliminates the manual work typical of traditional methods, while improving adherence to standards like the GHG protocol. Our clients, including big four accounting firms, rely on our data for its scientific foundation, regulatory alignment, meaningful cost and time savings, and zero-touch methodology.

Green Project is a carbon accounting software focused on automating the collection and reporting of GHG emissions for audit-ready reporting and reduction work, supporting 500 customers globally. The platform was designed in full compliance with, and per the technical requirements of, the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, undergoing an annual audit by industry-leading third-party GHG accreditation service providers to ensure the methodology remains up-to-date. The easy-to-use platform, software integrations, personalized customer support team, and affordability make audit-ready carbon reporting accessible to all companies regardless of size, industry or ESG maturity.

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